Saturday, January 31, 2009

Find Your Voice...

A voice cannot carry the tongue and the lips that gave it wings. Alone must it seek the ether. And alone and without its nest shall the eagle fly across the sun.

Khalil Gibran : Gaia Child Source: The Prophet: 26 poetic essays

A close friend says I have found my voice as an artist. What a wonderful thing to say to me! I do feel that inner focus, that inner creative voice guiding me more and more...and when I let it work through my hands the clay magically becomes form and design from nature. I crave simplicity...but create complexity. I thing I must find a way to meld the two...any suggestions?

Have returned to pottery classes and the interaction with peers is charging my low battery. Each week I become more adept with the clay and more free with my design. Like a child in a candy store...I don't know what direction to go in. Everyone's work is so inspiring....we elevate each other...sharing and trusting...there are so very many styles I want to try...while listening to my inner voice that cries for nature to break through all that is man made and mundane.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hole in the Ground...Hole in my Psyche...

Have not posted for a while. New Year with New Hope and new intentions of posting more frequently. Feel like I need a ruler smack on the back of my hand!

I have had a fear of deep dark holes...those in particular of a hand dug well...since childhood. I can vaguely remember the national news reporting of a small child caught in a well hole many decades ago...though I can not seem to google the event. Big news in the 50's when we were just getting used to seeing what was happening away from our own small communities. The black and white screen showed people with vehicles all in a small area either to help, or offer aid to the family and workers. Did I dream this??? It is so vivid in my mind....

We came upon an abandoned well this week...and brought back these memories...and reinforced my fears. It was difficult to stand near the place. An attempt to cover the well had been made but still a child or small animal could easily fall to harm or death. Pictures were taken and I even dreaded looking at the hole through camera lens.

But as with most fears...once you are more familiar with the object of the fear it becomes less menacing. Seeing the bottom of the pit was comforting to longer just a bottomless void it did have an end. Though a fall would no doubt cause mind could wrap itself around the idea of it. This pit of darkness I can make peace with and work near with a good dose of respect.