Friday, November 21, 2008

Lovers Embrace Endures

Ran across a quaint and quite old cemetery this week during a survey. Have passed this location my entire life and had not noticed the stonewall and entwining trees that set not more than a hundred feet off the roadway. So much wonder lays right before our eyes...if we will just see.

Mr. Luke Palmer was born in 1780 and departed this life in February of 1853. He was the father of four children and a still grieving widower at the time of his death. His wife Nancy is buried beside him. His grave marker reads in part "disconsolate widow and father of". At the foot of his wife's grave there are two trees that entwine each other...two different species of trees.

I will add more to this post, after another visit. I did not disturb Nancy's grave and find now that I want to know more about when she died, and the names of her children. I will take two roses for them.

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  1. Saw your blog in Wondrousstrange Etsy description. Love your work, especially the necklaces! I am touched by your interest in this old cemetery. It reminds me that we are too short on this earth & too long elsewhere. We must make art when we can!