Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just the Cats Meow...


This was my precious cat, DoLittle. He was a found dumpster kitten with hair so matted that he could not walk without wincing. Thin and hungry we took him to the vet a real mess and got back a shaved but happier kitten. I had intended to find him a good home...but ugly is ugly and no one was interested and I got attached and by the time his hair grew to its full glory I could not let him leave. His early mal-nutrition kept him from ever growing very large.

He hated being outside and would patiently wait at the door to come back in...this time his anger at being left outside was showing!   

On the 4th of July several years ago...after his morning visit with his cat buddies that live across the street, DoLittle got distracted watching the neighborhood parade pass on the next street.  He did not see the car...nor know what happened. Here one second, gone the next. I don't think the driver new he had hit our little bundle of fur...he certainly did not stop. 

So the 4th is always bitter sweet for me now. I keep DoLittle's picture on my Etsy account as a way of remembering...and sharing. This little guy still brings smiles to those who see his image...and has brought so many kind and sweet comments to me. No cuddling any more...but still he brings joy to my heart:)

This is not meant to be a sad is a celebration for the love we share with our animal friends present and past:) Treasure every moment...I certainly do with our Jack Russel, Barkley:) 

This is a treasury I created to honor DoLittle...hope you will click on the title above and visit the shops and read some of the heart felt comments. we love our pets:)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Really Great Firing...Come See:)

 This was a really splendid firing. The colors are rich but soft. I wish I could really capture the spirit of this really does have to be held to be appreciated.

I am a closet archeologist...and this glaze really does have the feel of ancient buried treasure:)

What does not show is how the gold peeks through the highest textures and looks like it has been touched and worn satin smooth.

Have listed several items in my shop this morning.