Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunshine and Navels....What do these have in common?

This treasury I called "Thank You For All Your Support" cause all these lovely artists have bought from me the past month. Just a small way to say Thanks Bunches!! The silk sari ribbon reminds me of rays of sunshine...

This is titled " What is Black and White...and Gift Worthy" The majority of these shops I found in the Pounce Undiscovered section. Why? Is there a single gift you would not love to own:)

RGMPHotography wrote in his comment..."So glad to see I'm not the only one who feels my work is gift worthy! Fans of this particular piece have often called it "The Navel." Why, you ask? Well, because it does, in fact resemble a person's navel!

Although this was purely unintentional when I took the photo I now find myself in awe of how we can sometimes discover aspects of the human form reflected in nature. "

If you have time...go visit each of the shops. I would love it if you could comment and visit each shop so we can get all these artists noticed and on the Front Page of Etsy...and their inventories depleted for the holiday season!! Just click on the title to go to Treasury Lists curated by me...Wondrousstrange :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"When you are inspired...and talents become alive,you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be."

Can you believe the color...the design...the absolute beauty of these creations? I can take credit for the teardrop pendants...but the genius is that of LaShell from Designtalentedone.etsy.com

I could not wait to share these with you...because you might want a chance to grab these up before someone else gets them! LaShell just emailed me to let me know they were listed in her etsy shop.

Taken from LaShell's listing....."This beautiful piece of silk sari ribbon had to be more than just a supply, it longed for it's best friend "Raku" The ribbon is just gorgeous with it's tones of pale turquoise and copper. In different lighting it shows more color! This beautiful Leaf piece of Raku came from wonderful Artisian "wondrousstrange". She fell in love with my ribbon, and I in love with her Raku, we belong together as you can see! The raku leaf is 3" long by 1.5" wide. I'm a bit more on the bling side so I used her leaf as a back drop to my large glass faceted with copper bead. I gently coiled copper wire that is coated (for non-tarnish effect)with glass rainbow beads on the ends. The neat thing about this necklace is it's adjustable, just pull on the tie ends to make it go up or down. You can have many different looks this way with your silk sari ribbon necklace. I don't know that I will ever find this type of silk sari ribbon again, so with one hand hanging on to this, I might have to let go, because someone is going to see how beautiful this really is and buy it. :) "

"Just something about Silk Sari Ribbon in the color of purple, teal, turquoise, it just belongs with copper raku like eggs in mother natures nest. I have also added beautiful strands onf a shiney copper fiber in with the sari ribbon to adorn the raku beads and pendant. On top of the raku clay pendant I have a large glass faceted bead for gorgeous elegance. The Pendant is 3" long x 1.5" wide. The raku beads above it are special made for me by another artist and the pendant by another artist. Now we have a beautiful necklace complimented by 3 creators."

"Color, Color, and more color is what I say! Color is our joy and silk sari ribbon of blue, turquoise, orange and greens are all making a nest for this pretty raku leaf pendant! This leave is 3" long by 1.5" wide and has been adorned with glass flower beads and crystal. Juat a lovely unique piece that would be beautiful on you. Are you brave enough, do you love color enough???, then this is for you, but you may feel a tug as I hold on to one end when you buy it. :) The necklace is a 23" loop of beautiful silk sari ribbon. There are solid copper rings on each end and a lobster claw clasp for secure holding. You can wear this over black and make it pop, or pick any color in the necklace to wear. You will be the beautiful back drop canvas of this pretty necklace. "

Just click on the title above to go directly to her shop....be ready for true eye candy in the colors of her silk sari ribbon....I can't seem to get enough of it!! Quote in title is take from LaShell's Etsy profile.

Frisky Is As Frisky Does...

Red for Christmas Cheer

The Emerald Forest

Let me Teal you a Secret...It's Holiday Time

I was in a treasury kind of mood last night and managed to put together three treasuries back to back...frisky, like I said:) Like dressing a Macy's window for the Christmas parade these were so much fun to do. There are some wonderfully creative folk featured here...hope you will take time to visit and even comment. Every visit to the shops gives them a better chance for front page status...and more sales!! Enjoy!!

Click on the title above and you will go to my treasury page creation list. Better hurry...some of these items have already sold:)

PS Don't forget my sale for this weekend only...see previous blog posting for the discount code:)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Sale...20 Percent Off Code...For This Weekend Too!

Thanks to all of you for following my little world of creating. Looking at not only my little treasures...but especially those creations made by other artists that favor me with including my work in their wonderful pieces.

Until Sunday at midnight, I am offering a 20% discount on all items in my Etsy shop. Just enter the code BLOGREADER20 at checkout and I will send your new treasures right along to you:) I'll make every effort to get everything mailed out next week so you will have time to be inspired by what you receive:) This includes photography, finished jewelry, supplies and ACEO's. The photography takes a little longer, but usually in your hands within two weeks...I am at the mercy of the printer for this:)

Hope you will take time to visit the shop. I truly want you to be delighted and inspired...even if you don't choose to purchase a single item!! Have fun out there in cyperworld with the Black Friday Sales!! Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beads and Pendants Bundled Together...It's a Good Thing.

I'll be adding these little bundles of raku beads and pendants over the next few days.
I have a large inventory of raku pieces that I would like to share...most at a lower price
for the Bundle grouping than if bought individually.
Some of the pendants are one of a kind designs, and others like the spiral above
I do on a regular basis.
This button/pendant has a hunter and his dog as relief on the clay piece, and the beads are all different sizes and shapes.

This bundle set is already in the shop. I call it Izzy's Tree of Life, inspired by the movie "The Fountain"

I have many more bundles that I am putting together...so stop by and and take a look if you find time over the holiday season:)

Have a Wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving ...each and everyone of you!!! Many Blessings are wished for you!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Make A Wish...I Dare You...

These Etsy artists are worthy of checking out. Some are friends, others will be in my favorites to check out on a regular basis to see their newly listed treasures.

If you click on the title of my blog post you should be magically transported to the treasury page. Then click on each of the photos to go to each shop of wonder!! Have fun...they are amazing artists...you will get lost in their creations!!

Hope you will take time to comment either here or there:) Thanks Bunches!!

ACEO...The Weeping Man

This is an art card using digital collage elements from the Haeckel images, DaVinci drawings, Galileo drawings and my own photograph and elements.
Size is 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
The base photograph is of an old tobacco barn way past it's prime and covered in Kudzu vines and moss. This photo was over saturated to get the intense colors. There was an evening sun and reflection on my lens that I softened and accented to get the surreal glow.
There are approximately four layers using different vintage elements. I have used different degrees of transparency brushes on each to achieve the proper effect.
After each card is printed I add touches of micro glitter in various places to make each trading card a one of a kind. I sign and date the cards on the back and send them in a cellophane sleeve for protection.

This is for sale with others in my Etsy shop:) Shameless promotion I know...but if you don't promote your self...who will?:)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Perfectly Petite Yet Primitive Charlottes

These are such small primitive little Charlotte's. They are flat on the back and are less than one inch in length. I just love how they turned out. Each is so unique in color and form.
So you ask...What do you do with such little pieces?

Before I show you what Susan of Starsb117.etsy.com has created with the little girls...I thought you might like a glimpse into the firing process of these small treasures. This photo shows the end of the reduction firing. These pieces have been in the chamber for twenty minutes and as the air re-enters the chamber colors shift and change dramatically.
The reds become brighter as they cool down, and the matte pieces shift to coppers and blues.

Now for the promised piece that Susan has beautifully collated into the most unique piece...

She says of her creation...."This sweet little beauty is encased in a 1 inch in diameter watch casing,it also has a bit of moss to add to the magic,along with a sweet tiny glass flower,this will come with a pretty silk sari ribbon to hang on,I love the whimsical quality of it,hope you enjoy,and thanks for looking!! "

If you click on the title above you will go directly to Susan's shop to find this piece and other wonderful treasures to purchase for your Holiday shopping needs.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Through the lense...Imagination is Seen!

I dearly love doing treasuries!! I find such creativity and beauty...it always brightens my day! Inspiration and imagination abound. These Etsy artists are worthy of checking out. Some are friends, others will be in my favorites to check out on a regular basis to see their newly listed treasures.

If you click on the title of my blog post you should be magically transported to the treasury page. Then click on each of the photos to go to each shop of wonder!! Have fun...they are amazing artists...you will get lost in their creations!!

Hope you will take time to comment either here or there:) Thanks Bunches!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oscar Crow and His Steampunk Jewelry and Artful Curiosities Show!

Harry continues to overwhelm me with his inclusion of my raku treasures with in his newly made treasures. I love the bird in flight wrapped around one of my raku beads!!

Click on the title above to go to Oscar Crow for visual delights and unique one of a kind presents...Christmas is just around the corner!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Having Fun With Digital Alterations Again:)

ACEO...Inner Space Dreams of Perfection

This is an art card using digital collage. Original base photo was taken this year at the Pine Knoll Shore Aquarium at the North Carolina coast.

Inside low light shots are tough. I thought this one was a throw away, it is not in focus, the coloring to bright. But I rarely get rid of any photo...have found through experience that I can find a use for it somewhere down the line. I love a challenge:)

With some digital slight of hand this became a wonderful bright light sepia. Using an altered vintage image of an octopus, one of my vintage clock face images and digital copy of a page from a precious little book called Dreams that I bought recently from www.jmozart.etsy.com ... it came together.

I am pleased with the salvage of the photo. It is a Dream-scape with a real life creature. There is still so much to explore on our own little world:)

Size is 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

My Muse Made Me Do It!!!

Can you believe the creativity of these artists? Wonderfully magical...and Strange at times. Hope you will click on the title above and visit all the shops in this treasury. Front page would be a great present for all these artists:) Would love it if you have time to comment too:)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Cindy Chavez Inspired Design...I Give My Heart Freely OOAK Statement Necklace

I Give My Heart Freely Assemblage Art Doll OOAK

From wondrousstrange

I Give My Heart Freely Assemblage Art Doll OOAK
I Give My Heart Freely Assemblage Art Doll OOAK I Give My Heart Freely Assemblage Art Doll OOAK I Give My Heart Freely Assemblage Art Doll OOAK I Give My Heart Freely Assemblage Art Doll OOAK I Give My Heart Freely Assemblage Art Doll OOAK
OOAK Steampunk Talisman...taliswoman. She is on a beaded foundation with cotton fiber to soften the edges. She wears a small beaded crown. Frosted glass heart is held in hand.

Three found rusty components, ceramic face with copper foil, raku red bead on body, cowrie shell, glass and crystal beads, silver plate wings. Backed with cotton fabric.

Measures 3 x 4 1/2 inches. It is strung with a gorgeous 30 inch hand died silk ribbon made by fellow Etsian shop...QueenCreekSupply.

She is now in my Etsy shop for sell.

Undiscovered....What a Shame!!!

I can hardly believe these are Undiscovered Treasures on Etsy! Of course many are new shops...but what creations there are to find...if you take time to look:)

Click on the title above to go to the treasury page. Would love to see a comment either here or there as to your favorite shop:)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dreamscape Earth

Click on title above for a visual treat from each of these innovative Etsy artists!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Voids,Space,Cosmos,Super Nova and Our Pale Blue Dot....

These new pieces just cry out Cosmos to me , and remind me of how much I miss the presence of Carl Sagan. From Black Holes to Super Nova, he brought the Universe to us in terms all could understand. His dream to have every one connect with the vastness of the Universe was realized with the series Cosmos. And the image of the Pale Blue Dot....
We are so small in the grand scheme of things...but within our minds the infinite can unfold. And through an artist's eyes... dreams can become tangible.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life Sat Waiting....

Click title above to visit these extraordinary shops!!